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New Test

2017-07-09 21:52:21 by TIMInsane

I was made two test recently.

Climb a Ladder

Shoot                       Ps:  沙袋 means sandbag



HAHAHAHA,A new test

2017-02-06 01:43:10 by TIMInsane



2016-04-01 07:58:48 by TIMInsane

TRUMP GROUNDS=Newgrounds????

Oh!  GOD!

Madness Special-shaped

2016-01-15 21:21:20 by TIMInsane

5191479_145291085631_66663B.jpgIn the remote CG8200 star,there lived a group of aliens.As for the scorrcity of resources,they resorted to count less fierce and cruel wars to fight for the resowrces.At last,they used up the resources.So they had to seovroh for new resources in other stars.Just then,they discovered the Earth.

My new Test

2015-12-11 19:22:36 by TIMInsane

check there:In mobile and loaded


A animation

2015-12-05 21:47:13 by TIMInsane

chick there:Incident 111B

This work is I do before, But now I give up.

My Test

2015-11-27 05:38:40 by TIMInsane

Click here to play swf:Walking and shooting


Ha ha ha, my new avatar!

2015-10-01 07:07:26 by TIMInsane


Madness Exhilaration

2015-08-21 10:01:32 by TIMInsane

Name Collab: Madness Exhilaration

It was finished.5191479_144016566113_9JERR4TL31ATZE7HC7Y.png