Entry #19

New Test

2017-07-09 21:52:21 by TIMInsane

I was made two test recently.

Climb a Ladder

Shoot                       Ps:  沙袋 means sandbag




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2017-07-10 04:33:25

It's awesome / you on shooting, just need add sounds :)

TIMInsane responds:

Yes,but I could't find the sound of the gun.


2017-07-10 14:01:15

test with ladder climbing is too smooth. I really like this style of animating


2017-07-11 16:16:14

very nice!


2017-07-25 08:34:16

Hello,friend who give me comment 'very good',my English is not good,i just want to delete my comment,but i misread a word so your comment was deleted by me.I want to say sorry.But i am not intentional.If you see my comment,please forgive me.